Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water

An efficient system that keeps ground space free

Benefits of Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water

Why Choose a Roof Mount Solar Hot Water System?

Highest Efficiency & Lowest Maintenance

The highest efficiency system

With no circulation pump between the tank and solar collectors, system efficiency is the highest.

Efficient Use of Space

This system frees up space on the ground

With the tank on the roof there is moving living space available around your home.

The Rinnai roof mounted solar hot water system is the most efficient two panel system in Australia with 39 STCs, giving you the highest possible rebate. 

Superior Solar offer quality Rinnai solar hot water systems. Rinnai is a trusted, established brand in the hot water industry.

Rinnai Mounted Solar Hot Water

Rinnai Prestige

  • Most efficient two panel system in Australia (39 STCs)
  • Australian made tank & collectors
  • Stainless steel tank 10 yr guarantee
  • Full titanium coated copper panels
  • Toughened Glass
  • Extruded marine aluminum casing on panels
  • Electric or gas boosted
  • Wide range of colorbond colors 
  • 10 yr tank & 7 yr panel warranty

Rinnai Prestige Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water

Equinox close coupled solar hot water
Roof Mount Tank Colorbond Colours

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Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Product

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