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Wifi Connection Help

WIFI monitoring is independent of the inverter function; meaning that the inverter will still be operating normally with the green light on even if WIFI is off.

It is important but not urgent to have a reliable WIFI connection for maintenance & warranty management.

Check signal strength using your phone placed next to the inverter, if poor you may need to boost this signal.

If no change to your internet details

If you have not changed internet providers then simply turning the system off then back on again can reconnect the inverter to your WiFi.

Follow the shut down procedure documented on the inverter
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Shut down Procedure

To update your new internet details

If you have changed WiFi credentials then you will need to update these in your inverter via the following options.

To update your internet details follow either the Fronius or SMA information to get your monitoring back up and running .

Some people find it helpful to watch the video on one device and perform the steps on a second device to play and pause the video as needed.

Fronius 'Snap in' Primo & Symo Wi-Fi connection instructions

Fronius GEN24 Wi-Fi connection instructions (WPS method)

Fronius GEN24 Wi-Fi connection instructions (Manual if WPS not working on no WPS button) 

SMA Wi-Fi Connection Instructions

Option 1:

Connect to your SMA inverter to your WLAN (wireless local area network) using WPS
Pls check if your modem has a WPS button.
NB: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS; originally, Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network
If yes, you can knock (sound activated) on the front of the inverter 3 or 4 times until the blue light flashes.
Then push the WPS button on modem within 1 min and it should auto connect.

Option 2:

How to connect your SMA Inverter to a Wi-Fi network

The first step which isn’t outlined in the video is that you need to connect to the inverter wifi network before you can follow the video. To do this open up your wifi setting and you should see a network called SMAXXXXX where the X’s show the inverters serial number. The password for the network can be found on the sticker on the side of the inverter (WPA2-PSK).  Once connected to the network you can follow the steps in the video below.

When you login it will require a password. We don’t setup the user password at the time of installation so just select user and then follow the  prompts to create a password.

Download & print this PDF if easier Connecting SMA Inverters with WiFi to a local wireless network