Superior Solar

Store your solar energy until needed with Tesla Powerwall

Superior Solar have been installing solar power systems for almost 20 years.

We ruthlessly choose the absolute best suppliers and best products on the market. Many solar companies have been going bust because they decided to cut costs by manufacturing and installing inferior systems. Since the beginning, we have been committed to quality above all else and this is primarily why we have been so successful. Our products come with a  25 year warranty from our suppliers, who are well established and trusted. Now that's a guarantee.

Our solar power systems consistently rate better than our competitors' quotes when viewed in the medium term. It only takes 2 years before the better performance of our panels have surprised the extra initial outlay compared with a cheaper solar system. And in the long term, ours solar power systems last nearly twice as long. So you save more and more year after year.

Superior Solar is forging a proud history of:


We have installed over 4000 solar power systems on the Central Coast.

Saving you Money

Our customers save more than $1200/yr* on average off their electricity bills.

Helping the Planet

25,000* tons of CO2 abated /yr equivalent to over 10,000 cars off the road.

Make a Difference

You can contribute and start benefiting today.
Collectively we can make a difference.

* based on a 5kW system

Great, I love making my own electricity. Feels like I'm contributing in some way. Convinced I made the right decision. Great team as I had expected.

Bob, Gosford

We Offer The Best Local Service Around.

Our headquarters is right by the M1, so travel to Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie is effortless. Because of this we don’t charge for travel. Solar power system installation is calculated on the genuine time on site by our enthusiastic and efficient team.

We Only Deal With The Best To Deliver You The Best

Our goal is to be the highest quality solar power installers on the Central Coast. We use the highest quality LG panels - the world's best - as well as providing cutting edge technology in the form of Tesla's Powerwall. Our commitment to quality saves you time, money and hassle over the lifespan of your solar power system.