Commercial Solar Power Products

Commercial Solar Modules

The 415W commercial panel is a larger 72 cell powerhouse. This larger panel maximises your production / area and combined with a 25yr product, labour & performance warranty is the 'go to' choice for quality & reliability for any business.

LG Neon 360 W Solar Panels

LG NeON2 Commercial 415W

LG Neon 360 W Solar Panels

LG NeON 2 355W

Solar Power Commercial Three Phase Inverters

The inverter converts the DC to AC power for use in your business and is essential to the operation of your solar power system.

Fronius Symo Inverters

Fronius Symo Inverters

Fronius Symo Inverters

SolarEdge Commercial Inverters

SMA Tripower Inverters

SMA Commercial Inverters

Solar Power System Monitoring

System monitoring is an essential component and integrated package in all commercial solar systems. It ensures accurate data recording and monitoring ensuring peak performance for the life of the system. Instant alerts allow for disruptions to production to be immediately resolved.

Fronius Solar Monitoring


SolarEdge Monitoring System


SMA Solar Monitoring


Solar Panel Mounting System

The mounting system is an integral component to your solar power system built to withstand our weather events and the hostile coastal environment.

Schletter solar mounting systems are German engineered and are tailored to your roof with a range of custom brackets. The correct roof fitting is essential to ensure water flow, avoid debris build up and maintain the roof integrity. 

Colorbond metal, Klip Lok and tile roof fixtures and a range of custom tilt frames from 7 – 30 degrees. The components are extruded aluminium and stainless steel with a 10 yr warranty.