Superior Solar

10-30 kW Commercial Solar Power Systems

Generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility.

If you are paying more than 20c/kWh for your daytime electricity usage, a system sized to your daytime load will provide a payback time of around 4 – 5 years. After which time, the electricity you generate is essentially free and the savings contribute to your bottom line

Solar systems have an operational warranty of 25 years giving you a serviceable life of around three decades which translates to a huge reduction in your medium to long term operational costs.

Superior Solar is an experienced provider of commercial  solar installations. We will individually tailor your system to meet your needs including:

  • available roof area,
  • budget and
  • energy consumption
  • maximum return on investment


Product Description

All the products installed on our commercial systems are chosen for their quality, industry best warranty periods and established company able to provide you support for the life of the system.

Solar Panel Choices

  1. Q CELL G5 270W solar panels
  2. LG Mono X 300W & NeOn2 325W solar panels. This panel is LG’s most advanced yet, fitting more capability into a smaller roof area

Solar Inverter Choices:

  1. SMA Tripower Inverter
  2. Fronius Symo Commercial Inverter
  3. SolarEdge Commercial INverter

Mounting Systems:

  1. Schletter Roof Mounting System
  2. Schletter Standalone & Ground Mount System

Energy Monitoring System:

Continuous live monitoring of your solar power system status ensures the the system is returning your planned ROI. A live alert system identifies any reduction is output allowing an immediate response ensuring you your return on investment.

Matched with your inverter of choice either will deliver a continuous & fail safe monitoring system.

  1. SMA Sunny Webbox, Sensor & Portal
  2. Fronius Smart Grid Monitoring

It is essential that your business energy demands are matched with the solar energy production to ensure maximum return on investment.

Superior Solar is an experienced provider of commercial  solar installations installing some of the largest commercial systems in the Central Coast and Newcastle regions. We have also successfully applied for and managed multiple Federal Clean Tech grant applications saving our customers 50% of their installation costs.

Commercial installations require careful integration and coordination within the organisations’ operation and other local and Federal opportunities.

Large projects are managed within multi stage system ensuring attention to detail, complete customer satisfaction and above all accurate performance estimates to meet a planned return on investment.

Review the Clean Energy Council’s Guide to installing solar PV for business and industry

Commercial 25kW Solar Power System

Suited to large businesses using under 480 kW of power each day

Eligible for a $19,000 STC rebate

Off sets 90 kW each day

Power saving $8,000 /year (power cost @.25 cents/kW)

Return on Investment 4 – 5 years (*subject to your usage patterns)

Commercial 20kW Solar System