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Setting a benchmark to industry that solar can improve your bottom line

Vets Best Products Pty Ltd has installed 100kW & 20kW solar power systems across two separate sites at  their Somersby manufacturing business. This will be the largest solar system on the Central Coast installed by a local company; Superior Solar.

Supported by Superior Solar, Vets Best is a successful recipient of the Federal Government’s Clean Technology Grant.

The 100 and 20kW solar power systems will reduce their energy demand by approximately 17%. They will offset nearly 3kT (3000 tonnes) of carbon and save 12TJ (12,000 GJ) of energy over the life of the project.

Vets Best manufactures Vets Best Pet Rewards namely their very successful 100% lamb liver oven baked into treats or granules. Vets Best treats are highly nutritious, free of preservatives and a 100% natural way to reward and encourage good behaviour in pets. The baking and preparation processes are energy intensive and their energy demands run seven days per week and 24 hours per day.

The installation of this commercial solar power system will provide total fuel savings estimated over a 20 year period of approximately $700,000. System pay back will be completed in under 4 years. With a performance warranty of 25 years, actual returns will be greater than the calculated 20 year performance figures above. Significantly lowering operational costs gives Vets Best a distinct competitive advantage in the market pace.

Vets Best join a growing number of commercial organisations taking action and using solar power to improve their competitiveness in the market place. Vets Best distribute their quality products internationally and must be competitive on an international platform.

This is the second Clean Technology grant recipient for Superior Solar.

This state of the art system, fully engineered and manufactured in Germany, includes an integrated monitoring system, able to detect any variances in production. This ensures the system is operational 100% of the time delivering the projected results.

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The Love Em installation comprises 100kW on the main manufacturing plant and 20kW on the smaller facility adjacent.

It includes 480 state of the art solar panels, ten SMA solar inverters and 1.2 km of railing.

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    SMA solar inverters and railing


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