Solar Power Wyoming NSW

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Jessica: Wyoming, NSW

What do you think of your system now it is installed & you are producing power using a renewable energy source?

I haven’t yet received an electricity bill as it hasn’t been up for that long so I don’t know how much money I will save yet. Nice to think of it generating power on sunny days and offsetting electricity use however

What do your family & friends think of your decision to install a solar power system?

My father thinks it is great he is a real solar convert. No one else has really commented on it although a neighbour is interested in talking to me about it once I get the bills.

How did you find your experience with Superior Solar?

I thought they were very good especially the emphasis on quality products made in Australia rather than trying to sell me something cheap and overseas made

Are there any areas Superior Solar could improve to increase the quality of your experience?

Overall they were good and the process was not inconvenient and explained well.


    Wyoming, NSW

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