Diane: Paxton, NSW

What do you think of your system now it is installed & you are producing power using a renewable energy source?

We are very happy with the system and have had a number of people stopping to ask questions about the system. We haven’t yet had a electricity bill to know the exact production and savings but are sure we will be pleased when the bill comes.

What do your family & friends think of your decision to install a solar power system?

Everybody is surprised at how unobtrusive the system is.

How did you find your experience with Superior Solar?

Very good – all staff were happy to answer my many questions. The website was great. Our quote and information given was excellent and the boys who did the installation were terrific. Follow up connection was good.

Are there any areas Superior Solar could improve to increase the quality of your experience?

We have had so many questions about the system and who installed it that a sign out the front saying System installed by Superior Solar and the phone number would have been very handy.