Patonga Caravan Park Gosford Council

Committed to energy efficiency

Gosford City Council has, in addition to the recent solar hot water installations, now sought to support the energy efficient management of Patonga Caravan Park.

To this end a tender was established resulting in Superior Solar being the accepted service provider building on our reputation in the commercial sector as a reputable supplier and installer of quality solar systems.

The Patonga Caravan Park Grid Connect Solar Power System is 11.7kW  and includes 45 Multicrystalline solar panels and 2 SMA German manufactured Tripower 8kw solar inverters.

This system will be installed on a North & East facing roof, of approximately 10 deg pitch. With this and the current shade impact of 5% taken into account this system will produce approximately 39.67kWh per day on average over the year.

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