Solar Power Nelson Bay NSW

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Geoff: Nelson Bay, NSW

What do you think of your system now it is installed & you are producing power using a renewable energy source?

Very happy. It is producing above expectations at this stage even though it is only a few weeks away from the shortest days of the year, although it is only early days.

What do your family & friends think of your decision to install a solar power system?

Mixed feelings – consider it a lot of money to have spent at the age we are. (Editors note: this was back in 2009 when the cost of solar was a lot higher than current prices.)

How did you find your experience with Superior Solar?

Staff at all levels were polite, I personally found them to be very co-operative, honest, and frank with all discussions at all levels, careful with equipment,careful of any damage/marks to our roof and/or property, obviously experienced tradesmen who know their job. They have PRIDE in their workmanship and the finished job.


    Nelson Bay, NSW

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