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Robert: Shortland, NSW

What do you think of your system now it is installed & you are producing hot water using a renewable energy source?

It’s terrific gives hot water all year. The only time we have had to use the booster is on days that we have experienced heavy rain (is this normal). Much more efficient than the mains supply for producing hot water.

What do your family & friends think of your decision to install a solar hot water system?

They think it was a great idea especially when I tell them how much it has reduced our electricity bill. Some have even gone to solar heating themselves.

How did you find your experience with Superior Solar?

Our experience with solar has been excellent. Everything was carried out on the day and time we were told it would be done. The work was done in a very professional manner.

Are there any areas Superior Solar could improve to increase the quality of your experience?

Perhaps a call back after the system had been installed, say after about two to three months just check that everything was functioning as it should be.


    Shortland, NSW


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