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A 7.8kW grid connect solar power system was installed on this home.

This system includes 18 panels on a NE and 12 panels on a NW facing roof of approximately 22 degrees pitch. With a shade impact of 0% this system will produce approximately 28.81kWh per day on average over the year.

Using 30 REC 260W solar panels and a SMA Tripower German manufactured solar inverter. This system was entitled to almost $5957 in STC rebates applied at the point of sale.

30 x 260W (7.8kW) System

    Kanwal, NSW

  • Roof Direction

    Northeast & Northwest

  • Roof Pitch


  • Rebates


  • Production Capacity

    28.81kWh daily average

  • Panel Type


  • System Size

    30 x 260W (7.8kW)

  • Components

    SMA Tripower German manufactured solar inverter


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