Off Grid Solar Booral NSW

When grid connection is not practical and or viable

Off Grid LG Solar Power System Booral, NSW

A 5.12kW off grid solar system was installed on this property.

The PV array was installed on a pitched ground mount frame at approximately 25 deg pitch which should produce 18kWh per day on average over the year.

This off grid system has been designed to allow for 3 days Autonomy @ 10kwh/day at 60% DOD.

This system includes:

  • 16 LG NeON 320W solar panels (InterSolar award winning)
  • SMA TL Inverter 5.0 German Austrian engineered and manufactured
  • SMA Sunny Island Battery Management System
  • 24 SunGEL 2SG maintenance free batteries
  • Schletter ground mount frame

This system generated 106 STCs under the solar credits scheme and was entitled to $3922 in STC rebates applied at the point of sale.

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