Newcastle Surgical Clinic goes Solar

Setting a benchmark to industry that solar can improve your bottom line
The Newcastle Surgical Clinic in Charlestown had a 15.3kW solar power system installed late 2012. It was installed and fully commissioned in a single day the last Saturday before Christmas 2012 by a team of 10 tradesmen.

This system has been installed on a north east facing roof  on a pitched frame at approximately 20 deg pitch. With this and the current shade impact of 5% taken into account this system will produce approximately 53kWh per day on average over the year.

A complete monitoring and data logging system includes the following

  • SMA Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  • SMA Sensor Box including irradiance and module temperature sensor
  • SMA Sunny Web box RS485 hard wired to Router for web monitoring

Newcastle Surgical Clinic Live Solar Data

The Newcastle Obesity Clinic has a live monitoring system able to detect non environmental changes in solar production. Alerts are autonomously delivered to the solar team to rectify any low production occurances ensuring the planned return on investment is delivered.


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