Commercial Solar Toronto

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Commercial Solar Toronto NSW
Commercial Solar Toronto NSW
Commercial Solar Toronto NSW

Commercial Solar Power System Toronto, NSW

A 20.52kW LG premium grid connect solar power system was installed at Little Miracles Childcare Centre in Toronto, NSW. This system will be installed on East 15deg and 18 on N 12deg roof. With this and the current shade impact of E 0% N 8% taken into account this system will produce approx 69kWh per day on average over the year. It comprises of

  • 54 LG Mono X 2. 285W Monocrystalline black framed solar modules, a transferable 12 year product warranty and 25 year linear output warranty.
  • SMA Tripower 15kW & 5kW solar inverters, German manufactured, balanced 3 phase system and includes Bluetooth and web connect compatibility for system monitoring.
  • Allows free ongoing access to the SMA Sunny Portal for constant access to system performance on your tablet or smart phone. Monitors solar production and net import/export total energy.

This system generated 424 STC’s under the solar credits scheme. and was entitled to $15,688 in STC rebates applied at the point of sale.

Little Miracles Childcare Centres have now installed almost 60kW of solar power across the following business sites: Morisset, Terrigal, Forresters Beach, Tuggerah and Toronto.

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