Solar Power

Solar Power System Maintenance

For optimum efficiency Conergy recommends the following maintenance program for your solar power system.

For further assistance please review the following sections

Once a fortnight

Check your meter during the day when there are no (or minimal) electrical appliances operating in your house. The meter should show energy being exported (gross systems will export all power all the time).

Check the inverter LED display for the operating status. Refer to your individual inverter manual for more information on the different LED signal codes.

The owner / user of the solar power system should regularly inspect and take note of the inverter LED indications to make sure that the solar power system is in good condition and it is working fault free.

It is even more important to carry out this LED check during the early months after the installation, at different times of the day under different sunlight conditions.

Once every 3 months

Check the array for shading during the middle of the day, ideally between 10 am and 4 pm, surrounding trees may have grown since the solar power system was installed and may need to be trimmed.

Check your electricity bill to ensure you are being credited for energy generated by your solar power system. The easiest way to do this is to compare your current bill with the bill for the same period last year. It should show fewer kilowatt hours being consumed.

If not check the following before calling your electricity retailer:

  1. Have you bought any new appliances or made changes to your lifestyle that may mean you are using more energy than in the same period last year.
  2. Your solar power system generates less energy in the winter and more in summer. If it is currently winter, the solar power system may not make a significant difference to your bill.
  3. If you have not had your solar power system for the full quarter, it may not have generated enough energy to make a significant difference to your bill.

If none of the above explains the difference and you are still concerned, call Superior Solar and ask for assistance to test the inverter and find out how much energy you have generated.

Then, if necessary, contact your electricity retailer and check that their billing system includes energy generated by your solar power system.

Once a year

The installer of your solar power system or a qualified electrician should carry out an annual maintenance check. Please call us to schedule this service check.

Solar Panels & Fire Report

Fire and Rescue NSW has not seen any evidence of a trend of solar panels causing fires, nor have there been any reported major safety issues at fires where solar panels are present. Our fire and rescue officers are trained to deal with all types of fires and emergencies, including hazards associated with electricity and solar panels. Australian Standards require that signs are attached at the meter of switchboards warning that a solar array is on the roof.

As reported by NSW Government – Fire & Rescue NSW

Solar Satisfaction 

Once your system has been installed it is important to us that you are completely satisfied with both your product and level of service and that your solar investment lives up to your expectations both now and into the future. We want you to know we are here to provide ongoing assistance when you need it.

Please keep your email current with us so we can stay in touch with important updates and service reminders.

We would appreciate your feedback when ever you have time to give. At any point after the installation of either a solar power and solar hot water system you can send us your thought and recommendations.

Thank you for your participation, we value your feedback to improve our customer service and ensure you are completely satisfied with your solar installation.